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  Current Issue: 2018 - Volume 9 - Issue 2
Recommended Articles

Effect of angioembolisation versus surgical packing on mortality in traumatic pelvic haemorrhage: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Ahmed El Muntasar, Ethan Toner, Oddai A. Alkhazaaleh, Danaradja Arumugam, Nikhil Shah, Shahab Hajibandeh, Shahin Hajibandeh
World J Emerg Med 2018;9(2) : 85–92

The Emergency Department Crash Cart: A systematic review and suggested contents

Gabrielle A. Jacquet, Bachar Hamade, Karim A. Diab, Rasha Sawaya, Gilbert Abou Dagher, Eveline Hitti, Jamil D. Bayram
World J Emerg Med 2018;9(2) : 93–98

Video versus direct laryngoscopy on successful firstpass endotracheal intubation in ICU patients

Yong-xia Gao, Yan-bo Song, Ze-juan Gu, Jin-song Zhang, Xu-feng Chen, Hao Sun, Zhen Lu
World J Emerg Med 2018;9(2) : 99–104

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